The advantages of latest air conditioning technology

As regards to energy efficiency, application area and comfort, air conditioning technology has grown considerably during recent years: Compared to outdated R22 systems, modern split systems cool and heat quieter, more efficient and definitely with significantly lower energy consumption thanks to CFC-free refrigerant R410A.

An unparalleled range of products allows Mitsubishi Electric to offer the matching solution for small and large, complex and specific air conditioning requirements.

Large demand for modernisation

Throughout Europe, roughly one million split and 40,000 R22 VRF air conditioners will be shut down sooner or later. Expired warranties, high operating and maintenance costs, insufficient comfort aspects and decreasing operational safety require a conversion and investment in new air conditioning systems as soon as possible.

Law bans use of R22

Since 01.01.2010 the use and storage of freshly produced R22 is prohibited. Adding R22 into the refrigerant circuit is only allowed for the purpose of service and maintenance. The phase out will be finished at the end of 2014. After that, R22 systems may no longer be filled with R22. The expected shortage, associated price increase and supply bottleneck are not the only reasons to strive for an immediate conversion, but particularly the high energy savings potential achieved when operating a new air conditioner.

Take advantage of government funding

The BAFA funding programme "Directive to support measures for commercial heating and cooling" promotes air conditioning systems in commercial properties that have an energy savings potential of at least 35% for plants starting at 150,000 kWh. Successful application can result in funding amounts of 15 % to 25 % of the net investment costs.