Knowledge makes the difference

Knowledge is of vital importance to Mitsubishi Electric LES – and you have a key part to play. Only by listening to you and understanding your needs can we keep developing intelligent products that turn knowledge into forward-looking solutions. ‘Knowledge at work’ is all about working together.

Your knowledge helps us improve 

 Your experiences and requirements provide us with the perfect foundation for developing ever more sophisticated products. Our shared knowledge ensures that each generation is even better than the last and only hits the market once it is truly ready to go. Knowledge at work.

You bring our knowledge to life 

Knowledge grows when it is shared, which is why we put it to work for you in a wide range of practical settings including training courses, digital knowledge tools such as MELCloud, the easyKlimaplan software and the handy myDocs app. Above all, our knowledge helps you progress.

Knowledge sets Mitsubishi Electric LES apart. It underpins every product, every service and every time we mutually benefit from each other’s knowledge. 

Click the contact banner on this website to send us your ideas and suggestions at any time – after all, knowledge never sleeps.