Advances in air conditioning with Replace Technology

Quick and clean installation: Choosing Replace Technology ensures a quick and simple conversion that scarcely affects day-to-day business. To avoid any interruption of important business during the week, the inside work can even be performed on a weekend.

Installation requires no time consuming piping work and expensive materials such as copper pipes because all lines – from communication lines, electrical lines all the way to refrigerant lines – can remain in use. The preconfigured modules by Mitsubishi Electric allow connection to building control systems via LON, BACnet, EIB and OPC server at a later time.

Maximum climate comfort

An important aspect of the new air conditioning system is the increased level of comfort: The requirements placed on a quiet, unobtrusive and comfortable air conditioner are easily met. Intelligent controls complete the system technology to ensure a balance of energy saving and individual operation.

High savings potential

The monetary benefits are gained as a result of operating cost savings that are achieved thanks to the high effectiveness and an energy efficiency rating of A. Combined with the CFC-free refrigerant R410A, the highly advanced inverter technology not only makes Mitsubishi Electric split systems extremely effective, but also provides cooling and heating as required by users. This can save up to 50% in annual operating costs.

A real plus for the environment

Like the operating costs, the CO2 emission is also reduced, thus providing sustainable protection of our environment. An even greater contribution to the environment can be made by using the new R410A system for cooling and heating with heat recovery, meaning old gas and oil heating systems can be eliminated.