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myDocs lets you delve into the fascinating world of cutting-edge air conditioning systems, heat pumps, ventilation units and hand driers.

You can use myDocs to access current documents from Mitsubishi Electric at any time. The interactive multimedia brochures and catalogues feature integrated videos, slideshows, animated graphics and functions to demonstrate the entire range of innovative and energy-saving products in the areas of air conditioning and ventilation technology, heat pumps and hand driers.


  • Categories: Find the right document quickly
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  • Offline sync: Update your digital briefcase and store data locally on mobile devices
  • Notification of new documents and important file updates
  • Forwarding documents by e-mail
  • Interactive PDFs

Note: The optimum display is achieved on a tablet. All documents are also accessible from your desktop PC at Some features, such as interactive content in PDFs, are only available for iOS.

Further helpful information, such as user manuals, detailed planning documents and other technical documentation and applications can be found on the Manuals & Documentation page.