Replace Technology by Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric has developed several processes which, for the first time, ensure that the existing pipeline network can continue to be used when air conditioning units are replaced, even though the system is changed over from refrigerant R22 to refrigerant R410A.

Our patented Replace Technology makes it easier to opt for a highly efficient air conditioning system which uses R410A, since the required investment is considerably less than the one for a system where the pipeline network also needs to be replaced. It also offers lasting savings in time and costs during installation. This kind of modernisation causes hardly any interference to business, office or hotel operation.

Matched to room air conditioner series, multi split systems and VRF systems, the patented Replace Technology cleans the pipeline network to ensure it can be re-used for new R410A air conditioners. It can also be used for air conditioning systems which previously featured equipment made by other manufacturers and are now being re-fitted with Mitsubishi Electric units.

Environmental protection

The CFC-free refrigerant R410A does not cause ozone depletion and, moreover, also enhances energy efficiency in modern air conditioning systems.

CO2 emissions from Mitsubishi Electric's advanced air conditioning systems are reduced to a minimum.