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Thermal energy on the rise

It is becoming more and more important, and as reflected in the strong growth in sales over the past years, this trend will continue. It is not even that new. Though on the market for 40 years already, it only became more popular in recent years, and that for a good reason.

Heat pumps, Heat energy, Ambient air

Heat energy - delivered free house

Even though we do not perceive it, ambient air provides us with unlimited heat energy, everywhere and at no cost, to be used for our purpose. The cutting-edge heat pump technology by Mitsubishi Electric provides particularly sustainable heating.

Advantages of the heat pump

Environmentally friendly, efficient heating, heating process

Environmentally friendly and efficient

Heat pump technology has already won the direct comparison with conventional heating processes. It allows the use of freely available energy, regardless of dwindling resources, and consumes little power.

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