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Air curtain and heat pump

The permanently open doorways of a sales area place extremely high demands on air conditioning and heating systems. The objective is to prevent indoor air from escaping and outdoor air from entering. In this regard, air curtains present a particularly effective technology.

In the winter time, a heated air jet interrupts the flow in the doorway area, thus preventing cold air from entering, while in the summer the heat has no chance to break down the air jet barrier. Air curtains drastically reduce energy consumption of heating and air conditioning systems since the sales area takes longer to heat up in the summer, and longer to cool down in the winter.

Connecting heat pump to air curtainCompared to conventional hot water heating systems for air curtains, heat pumps achieve significantly better efficiency levels. In connection with the Thermoscreens air curtain, Mitsubishi Electric's air to air heat pump makes use of the thermal energy stored in the ambient air. Thus, for instance, it is possible to generate up to 20 kW heating capacity for the air curtain from 5 kW electric drive power for the heat pump.

Easy connection to heat pump

Mitsubishi Electric, together with air curtain manufacturer Thermoscreens, offers a complete, fully coordinated system that efficiently, comfortably and safely equips entrance areas. The air curtains can easily be combined with power inverters or Zubadan outdoor units. The complete, fully developed solution contains a control that is based on circuit boards that have been specially developed by Mitsubishi Electric for this application.

High energy efficiency

  • Very high efficiencies ranging from 80 to 90 %
  • Energy savings of up to 75 % compared to conventional water-heated air curtain systems

High system bandwidth

  • 5 to 21.2 kW
  • Models freely suspended or ceiling mounted
  • Models optionally available in 1 m, 1.5 m and 2 m length
  • Air curtain in standard colour RAL 9010
    (other RAL colours upon request)

Quick installation

Thanks to plug and play installation, the connection work is quick and easy to implement; thus it is also ideal for upgrades.