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Zubadan inverter

The patented Zubadan inverter technology ensures that sufficient heating capacity is available even at low outside temperatures. Full capacity is available down to -15 °C, and the field of application has been expanded to -25 °C. Over-dimensioning of the devices for heating operation is therefore not necessary.

Comparison between Zubadan and conventional inverterIn addition the units impress with optimised defrosting characteristics. The defrost intervals are up to 150 minutes and the defrost period has been reduced by 50% compared to conventional units.

Power Inverter

The outdoor units of the power inverter series offer a particularly energy efficient operation. Due to a special power receiver for subcooling the refrigerant and two individually controlled expansion valves, the units operate in their optimum range regardless of the operating mode they are in. This is also reflected in the energy efficiency classes of the units. 25 of 31 unit combinations have received the energy efficiency rating „A“.

In addition, low noise levels and long pipelines up to 100 m length ensure flexible installation .

Standard Inverter

The outdoor units of the standard inverter series offer an attractive entry into the inverter technology. Thanks to the capacity control, only the capacity that is actually needed is made available. This provides for considerable energy savings compared to traditional non-inverter systems.