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Living Environment Systems

Advantages and application areas

Mr. Slim air conditioning systems are used in doctor practices, server rooms, offices, businesses or restaurants. In these areas, whisper-quiet operation, a high level of operational safety and low energy consumption are of utmost importance.

The system variants of Mr. Slim air conditioning systems

  • Capacity range from 3.5 kW to 44.0 kW for cooling or cooling/heating
  • Single split or multi-split parallel arrangement of two, three or four indoor units
  • Easy-to-install indoor units in the form of ceiling cassettes or ceiling suspended, ceiling-concealed ducted, wall mounted or floor standing design
  • Energy-efficient outdoor units in form of non-inverter cooling units, heat pumps, standard inverter, power inverter and Zubadan inverter
  • Voltage supply 230 V, 1 phase, 50 Hz or 400 V, 3 phases, 50 Hz

Advantages at a glance

Already standard: Long-lasting high-efficiency filters; drain pump fitted as standard on all ceiling cassettes; the outdoor units are pre-charged with the refrigerant R410A at the factory.

Heating function

Even at low outside temperatures, high coefficients of performance (COP) ensure low energy consumption. In many cases, conventional heating systems can be completely replaced by heat pump systems.

Whisper-quiet operation

  • Noise-optimised indoor units starting at 27 decibels – very quiet in operation
  • Smooth-running outdoor units make additional sound insulation unnecessary, even in densely built-up residential and commercial areas. . The LOW NOISE function reduces noise by 3 dB(A). This amounts to half of the subjectively perceived noise level.

High sensible cooling capacity

The high sensible cooling capacity of the indoor units ensures effective room cooling without dehumidifying the room excessively.

Special functions

Automatic switch-over between cooling and heating mode on all heat pumps. The winter control ensures that even with an outside temperature of -15 °C (if set up in a wind-protected position) cooling still continues. This is important, for example, for IT/equipment rooms from which heat has to be discharged all year round.

Installation and maintenance made easy

For the indoor unit up to size P140, no separate supply line is necessary. The voltage supply and data communication from the outdoor to the indoor unit is provided via a four-wire cable. A pipe length of up to 100 m can be achieved with the outdoor units PUHZ-RP200/250YKA


The new A-CONTROL enables direct communication between the indoor and outdoor units. Up to 180 service parameters and error messages can be conveniently read off the remote control on the indoor unit (Easy Maintenance function, optional). Optionally available with a central control (via LonWorks ® or central remote control) connected to the building management system.

Connection to air curtain systems

The power inverters can also be used for operating air curtain systems. To this end, the external air curtain system communicates with the inverter outdoor units via a new interface from Mitsubishi Electric.