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Mr. Slim - The series for commercial applications

The air conditioning units of the Mr. Slim series are ideal for medium-sized rooms and can be installed as single split or multi-split parallel combinations.
The Mr. Slim series is synonymous with extra energy-efficient and powerful air conditioning units that effortlessly blend into sophisticated surroundings.

Mr. Slim, System variants, Advantages, Application areas

Advantages and application areas

Mr. Slim air conditioning systems are used in doctor practices, server rooms, offices, businesses or restaurants. In these areas, whisper-quiet operation, a high level of operational safety and low energy consumption are of utmost importance.

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Zubadan Inverter, Power Inverter, Standard Inverter

Zubadan inverter

The patented Zubadan inverter technology ensures that sufficient heat output is available even at low outside temperatures. Full capacity is available down to -15 °C, and the application range has been extended to -25 °C. Over-dimensioning of the devices for heating operation is therefore not necessary.

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