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How much are the annual air conditioning costs?

Just one scoop of ice cream costs more than the daily energy consumption of a Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner. At a cooling capacity of 2.5 kW (sufficient for a room size of 30–40 m²), this amounts to only 60 cent per day. *

12 x 0.05 Euro; (kWh electricity price 0.18 Euro)= 0.60 Euro per day.
* Based on an electricity rate of 18 cent per kWh

Care and maintenance

For trouble-free operation, a certain degree of care and maintenance is required to ensure that your air conditioning unit supplies your home with years of feel-good climate. Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning units are designed in such a way as to facilitate regular cleaning. Your heating and air conditioning specialist offers annual maintenance to check the system for tightness and all other functions, including cleaning of the evaporator.

Energy label

Energy label performance scale AMost of the units from Mitsubishi Electric have been awarded A-rated energy labels for extra-low electricity consumption during cooling and heating. Particularly inverter-controlled air conditioning systems impress with cost-effective operation, making them more economical during heating than conventional heating systems. When making your selection, look for the A to ensure a high level of efficiency.