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Effects of air conditioning

According to climate records of the last decades, weather conditions are changing more and more, with temperatures on the rise. These higher thermometer readings are not only on the outside, but also inside the home due to heat from household appliances, consumer electronics and computers.

Thermal comfortOpening the window at night during a hot summer period will hardly improve the situation, since the heat encountered during the day is stored in the walls. Air conditioning solves the problem and, in addition, offers clean indoor air and efficient heating in the winter with only one system.

The following graph shows how important the interaction between optimum room temperature and humidity is to our well-being.

Scientific facts concerning your well-being

Stylish furniture, harmonic colour combinations, attractive home accessories and flowering plants create a pleasant ambience. But what about indoor air? It plays a decisive role in our well-being, our performance and even our health.

Humidity determines comfort

The interaction of room temperature and relative humidity is the basis for well-being.

Our performance rapidly drops after temperatures reach 26 degrees Celsius. A high humidity level above 70 percent makes the room temperature seem even higher. According to independent studies, we become tired, unfocused, and face increased accident risk.

A Mitsubishi split air conditioner will bring comfort and enhanced way of life into your home. In addition to personal living comfort, a long-term increase in property value are concrete factors when deciding in favour of a reliable, permanently installed Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner.