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Living Environment Systems

New City Multi outdoor unit generation YJM

With the new outdoor unit generation of the YJM series, the efficiency and performance of the City Multi series could be enhanced even further. Due to the use of the latest compressor and heat exchanger technology, the energy consumption is further reduced. The performance curve in heating mode has been optimised offering an even greater number of planning possibilities for heat pump applications.

New high-efficiency heat exchanger

Specially designed heat exchange fins are used in order to create the greatest possible heat exchange surface. The special manufacturing of the fins provides for an improved heat exchange. Due to the special design, a better airflow is achieved in the outdoor unit which results in an optimal use of the heat exchanger.

New XL housing

With the new XL housing, the efficiency is further increased by using bigger heat exchangers. The airflow has been increased by 40 %. By using the extensive heat exchanger, this could be achieved while maintaining the same sound pressure level.

Extended capacity range of the R2-Series

The capacity range of the R2-Series with heat recovery was extended to a cooling capacity of up to 101 kW. This way, an even wider range of applications can be covered with the only VRF heat recovery system on the market that only uses two pipes.

New ceiling concealed ducted units PEFY-P200/250VMHS

The new ceiling concealed ducted units are now equipped with an DC fan motor with a voltage supply of 230 V and three fan levels. Due to the voltage supply of 230 V, the electrical connection is made considerably easier. The external static pressure can be adjusted between 50 PA and 250 PA, as required. The new units are available starting in August 2011.

New connection kit for cooling capacity of up to 56 kW

With the new connection kits for external heat exchangers, cooling capacities of up to 56.0 kW can be achieved with the unit size 500 via a heat exchanger. In heating mode, up to 63.0 kW are available. The new generation is also equipped with an 0-10 V signal input as standard, which can be used to preset the target value for the supply air controlled or return air controlled operation. The new connection kit can be connected to all outdoor units of the series PUHY/PURY/PQHY and PQRY (PAC-AH500M-J only to PUHY/PQHY)

Deluxe room remote control PAR-30MAA

The new room remote control PAR-30MAA sets new standards in terms of appearance and ease of use. The remote control is equipped with a backlit display with 255 x 160 pixels which ensures an easy and straightforward operation. A weekly timer function has already been integrated as standard. Special functions such as the night setback function and the possibility to limit the adjustable target value ensure an energy-efficient operation of the air conditioning system. The high-quality appearance is complemented by a surface in a glossy pure white colour.