Mitsubishi Electric - LES
Living Environment Systems

Automatic refrigerant volume check

The City Multi outdoor units of the YJM-Series are equipped with an automatic refrigerant volume check function which can easily be started at the push of a button during maintenance.

This way, the system is checked for leaks in an easy and fast manner. Checking the fill level is completed in 60 minutes.

200% Indoor unit capacity

As a standard, the overall capacity of the connected indoor units may not exceed that of the outdoor units by more than 130 % (150 % for R2 systems). However, the connected load can be increased by means of a special software upon request – which is optimal for special solutions..

  • 200% for systems consisting of one module
  • 160% for systems consisting of two modules

Small capacity class P15

With the ceiling concealed ducted unit PEFY-P15VMS1 as well as the wall mounted unit PKFY-P15-VBM-E, Mitsubishi Electric offers a unique capacity class with only 1.7 kW that has been specifically developed for small rooms with a low cooling load. Due to the demand-based design, the comfort and efficiency of the VRF system are increased. Within the connection limit of 130 %, up to 50 indoor units can be connected. This is made possible by the improvement of the minimum capacity, an optimised cooling circuit and a new inverter compressor with a minimum frequency of only 15 Hz.

Air outlet with Coanda effect

The 4-way and 2-way ceiling cassettes are provided with an air outlet with Coanda effect. The airflow is directed under the ceiling and thus provides for comfortable and draught-free air conditioning.

Flexible planning and installation

  • Very long pipe lengths, only two pipes for refrigerant distribution (R2-Series) and space-saving outdoor units simplify planning and subsequent installation.
  • The outdoor units up to 50 kW are fully piped internally, thus eliminating the need for additional pipe fitting on the customer site.
  • Savings of material costs by using inexpensive standard tees instead of expensive distributors, and even these are no longer necessary on the R2-Series thanks to the BC controller.
  • Long pipe lengths of up to 1,000 m overall permit large creative scope when planning the system in large buildings.