Mitsubishi Electric - LES
Living Environment Systems

Easy Touch system remote control AT-50A

With the new system remote control AT-50A, up to 50 indoor units can be individually controlled via an easy-to-operate 5“ touch display.

The remote control has already been provided with some special functions as standard such as a high-performance weekly timer, night setback and limitation of the adjustable target value range of the individual indoor units. In order to ensure easy maintenance, the refrigerant volume check function can be activated by using the remote control.

Central remote control GB-50ADA

The new central remote control without display has now been provided with an integrated voltage supply for an especially easy installation. Up to 50 indoor units can be operated over the network. In addition, the scope of services has been further expanded. All special functions that were exclusive to the AG- 150A until now are also available for the GB-50ADA. These functions include, among others, the automatic refrigerant volume check function and the outside temperature dependent control.