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New water systems for City Multi VRF

With the new water modules for the supply of hot, cold and service water, Mitsubishi Electric sets a new standard for VRF systems. The modules are compatible with the City Multi series,
which is more and more developing into a complete solution for modern building technology.

Complete solutions are the uprising trend in the field of building technology and Mitsubishi has once again proven that it knows the requirements of the market: Mitsubishi Electric is the first company on the market to present fully compatible systems for providing hot and cold water from 5 °C to 45 °C as well as heating water up to 70 °C. With these new water modules, Mitsubishi Electric extends the application area of the City Multi series even further – while setting a new milestone for VRF systems in the process.

Compatible with all components of the City Multi series

The modules of the new water system can be operated together with the standard indoor unit in a City Multi VRF system. In addition to the integration of air conditioning units via corresponding connection kits, the City Multi system can also provide solutions for hot and cold water supply of a building.

Endless range of applications

A heat exchange module, available in two capacities, is provided for hot and cold water supply. This module is suitable for floor heatings, ventilation systems, air curtains for doors, fan coils and many other applications. Due to its high flexibility, there are practically no limitations to the scope of applications.

Especially for the hot water supply up to 70 °C, we provide a booster module, which can achieve these high water temperatures by means of an additionally integrated cooling cycle based on the cascade principle. The booster cycle is powered by an extremely smoothly running inverter-controlled compressor. R134a is used as refrigerant. All units offer a large number of external inputs and outputs for selecting the mode of operation and for monitoring the operating status. The set value can be defined via an external 4-20 mA signal.

Intelligently designed accessories

The new PAR-W21MAA remote control, particularly designed for applications in water systems, is available as optional accessory. Firstly, the relevant set value can be defined and secondly, a heat curve can be entered. Thus, if heating is required, the water temperature can be automatically adjusted to the relevant outside temperature, which ensures an energy-efficient operation.

The universal solution – everything from a single source

The combination of the new water modules, for example with an R2 system and indoor units, enables the implementation of an entire project. The Mitsubishi Electric system can be used for any kind of application ranging from ventilation, over air conditioning of single rooms to heating up drinking water (up to 70 °C).

Universal solutionSince the systems are perfectly compatible with each other and are connected in terms of control, there are no problems with regard to systems working against each other. Highly efficient: Heat energy extracted from the rooms to be cooled can be transferred to other rooms or be used for heating up drinking water – with COPs above 8.