Mitsubishi Electric - LES
Living Environment Systems

VRF systems for a modern and complex architecture

Die City Multi series is ideal for large and challenging buildings that call for custom solutions for air conditioning. The huge selection of indoor models and the large capacity range of the outdoor units ensure maximum creative scope at the planning and design stage.

These advanced VRF systems are distinguished by superlative energy efficiency values and extremely high reliability and ensure optimum air-conditioned comfort in offices, shopping centres, hotels, hospitals and public buildings.

The system variants

  • Large capacity range of the outdoor units: 11.2/12.5 kW to 140.0/156.5 kW in cooling/heating mode.
  • Y-Series for cooling or heating. Up to 50 indoor units can be connected to a single refrigerant circuit.
  • R2-Series for cooling and heating. The dual-pipe system for parallel cooling and heating is unique worldwide. Unlike the conventionally employed triple-pipe system, the third pipe is omitted on the Mitsubishi Electric R2 system. This simplifies installation and reduces costs considerably.
  • The Y-Series and R2-Series are also available with water-cooled heat exchangers and in a high-COP version.
  • PFD-Series for reliable air conditioning of IT/equipment rooms.
  • Indoor units are controlled via single (cable or infra-red remote control), group, system and central remote controls.

Advantages at a glance

  • All system components of the City Multi series are designed  for maximum efficiency and achieve exceptional COPs (coefficients of performance) in combination with the refrigerant R410A.
  • COP improvement by 37%Very low starting current thanks to full inverter technology
  • DC compressor technology
  • Energy savings of up to 50 % as a result of the heat recovery system (R2-Series). The heat energy generated in cooling mode is used for parallel heating mode.
  • The special design of the heat exchangers on the outdoor unit and the inverter-controlled capacitor fan ensure exceptional outdoor unit noise levels (44 dB (A) at a distance of 1 metre at night, 28 kW unit).
  • All outdoor units are equipped with the coated Blue Fin heat exchanger, which provides protection from aggressive air. Thanks to a special pressing process, the fins are smooth and thus dirt-repellent.
  • The operating range in heating mode is +15.5 °C to -20 °C. This means that monovalent City Multi systems can be put to use in very cold regions.
  • To achieve exceptionally low indoor temperatures, the PEFYP and PFFY-P indoor units have a special function for cooling rooms that require temperatures of up to 14°C.

Possible connections

The City Multi series can be supplementary connected to external control systems. For connection to building management systems, a variety of interfaces are available:

  • LonWorks®
  • OPC Server
  • BACnet
  • EIB
  • Fidelio (hotel software)

For combination with external ventilation systems, connection kits (PAC-AH) are required. All the advantages of the City Multi outdoor units are thus extended to the external systems and ensure optimum, energy-saving conditioned air.